Tips For Prepping Your Lawn For Artificial Turf Installation

Today, artificial lawns is regularly used in residential areas as well as fields. While it isn’t difficult to install, it still requires proper installation to function and look as intended. The steps below will help you get your lawn ready for artificial turf installation.

The first thing you need to do before installing artificial turf is assessing the ground conditions as well as the soil type in the area you plan to do the installation. Figure out ho well it drains and what type of stone or sand aggregate has to be added. You will have a successful installation only if you do this early in the process.

To have a successful installation, you will also need to prepare the current area. Apply weed killer about two weeks prior to the installation to get rid of all unwanted plants. Next, remove the top level of soil, about three inches of sod to make room for your new artificial turf. All other plants including grass should be removed completely. You can use a turf cutter to help with the process.

Artificial turf does great over soil that drains well since the grass need to be permeable to water. Water shouldn’t be pooling on your existing lawn. If you want to install artificial turf over a poorly-drained area, you should first install a drainage system. Doing that will ensure that the artificial lawn lasts for a long time.

You require finely crushed rock, gravel, or sand whose particles are less than 10mm in size. Use about three inches of material to fill in the area and improve drainage. You require approximately one cubic yard of material for every 100 square feet of lawn. If an area doesn’t drain properly, you might need to add another stone layer base. If the lawn is to be installed in a residential property or a playground where children will be playing, you can use a shock pad to increase the safety of the area.

Compacting the base is another critical step in the preparation process. You should then grade and compact the base to make the base area stable. You can use an electric compaction plate to ensure the area is level. That will ensure that your artificial turf lays the way it is intended to without any caving or sloping as time goes on.

While you might have filled the area with sand or rock, keep in mind that this is not enough to prevent organic growth beneath the surface. You should install a geotextile layer above or below the layer of rock or sand to ensure that natural plants don’t grow up into the artificial turf.

Once you have finished preparing the ground, the artificial turf layer is now ready for installation. Taking the time to prepare the area properly will guarantee the best possible outcome after you have installed the artificial lawn.

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Things To Know About Lawn and Garden Weed Control

Landscape picturesThe thought of attempting to keep your lawn and garden free from invasions of weeds without blasting them with noxious chemicals might be a lofty ideal, but probably conjures up visions of sore backs and aching knees. However, kneeling in the garden and snatching weeds by hand is not the only way to avoid using chemicals to kill the unwanted plants. In fact, there are some great ways to accomplish this end by working smarter, not harder.

The first big change needed to begin controlling the weeds in your lawns and gardens without chemicals is to properly prepare the soil for the areas in question. This would be considered laying the proper foundation where you will be growing your plants. It is best to implement the following ideas before doing your plantings so that you get your chemical-free weed control project off to a great start.

One of the best ways to avoid having weeds sprout up in your gardens or patio lawn is to kill the weeds though a process called soil solarization. This is a preventative approach and a completely organic way of eliminating weeds before they even have a chance to sprout. However, soil solarization does require a good bit of work, and is only effective if you can start planting the area with a clean slate.

Installing landscape fabrics is another terrific way that you can significantly reduce the occurrence of weeds in your lawn and garden. Using them also eliminates the need for toxic weed-killing chemicals. These fabrics made for use in landscaping are for this purpose and can even be considered a hi-tech way to battle weeds without introducing chemicals.

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Turn Your Own Private Backyard Into a Charming Garden

Looking at beautiful landscape garden photos been published in some internet websites, make you tempt to turn your own private backyard into a charming garden. Home without lively garden is incomplete if your home had some compound to grow plants but the lawn is neglected. To design an inviting landscape for your own private yard, you need to outline your budget and what to plant and have in your garden. A well thoughtful landscaping can improve your overall satisfaction by trimming over grown branches and trees. You need a proffessional tree surgeon to carry out this task for safety.

Gardening books and websites are easy accessible way to search for initial ideas. Take a stroll around your neighborhood or visit your local garden nurseries to see what other gardeners have created and take note of the stuffs that interest you. When you back, do some thinking on the garden style whether it fits your own lifestyles and your neighborhood.

To save your budget on plant nurseries and gardening design, do-it-yourself landscaping project is worth effort to achieve your desired look for your own backyard. Asking for help from friends or family in exchange for dinner or a favor might also stimulate your spirit for gardening and lift up some the workloads.

Alternatively, get some advices and tips from the gardening center as some nurseries might offer landscape services as well as plants. It will be a big relief if you are for example planting a large tree and you do not have some special tools to do that. So there are many things you could do to make your garden stand out and to be proud of. Combining your creativity thinking and the ornaments available around your house could accent your backyard into a beautiful garden.

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Learn More About Landscaping and Gardening

Here are some tips which worked well with me. To help get started with your garden, here are some tips which worked well with me. Lots of information and tips on gardening are easily accessible on books and magazines on gardening, the internet and your local nursery. To get started there is a wide range of information you would like to know. Then the question of the types of tools you need, along with the kind of tiller and the type of watering system which would be required.

Tip #1: Pull out the paper and start planning your garden because the time this will save will be huge. Take the help of a friend if needed. First make sure how you want your garden to look.

Gardening Tip #2: The way you have prepared your soil can decide whether you succeed in your gardening efforts. Their needs vary. For the natural flavor to remain in your food, use organic fertilizers in your vegetable or herb garden. Instead of using ordinary fertilizer, try using any good compost or even wooden chip mulch.

It is a blessing when it starts to provide you with the returns. While fresh home brew compost is rich in nutrients, it might prove to be unrealistic for the herb and vegetable garden. While mulch is a viable alternative to home compost mixture, but ensure that you are using softer woods which break faster, like redwood or pine. Ensure that you mix the ingredients well whether you prefer to use mulch, compost or fertilizer.

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Landscape and Garden Design

Landscape and garden design are umbrella terms for a variety of disciplines that focus on the practical, aesthetic and horticultural aspects of an outdoor area of land, generally attached to a property. Whilst having shared purposes, the two activities can be defined separately – landscaping focuses on the relationship of the garden with its surroundings, the integration of nature with man-made elements such as pathways or artificial grass installation, and the practical side of garden maintenance and upkeep. Garden design is traditionally concerned with the choice and distribution of various plants, flowers and shrubbery around the lawn area, but depending on the desired garden, can involve the planning and design of water features, patios, decking and garden boundaries. When landscape or garden planning, there are key elements to be considered in each case:

Landscape Planning

Practical considerations such as climate, topography, soil and irrigation, planning permission and construction. View the landscape in terms of things that need to be retained, modified or replaced – with attention given to how original natural features can act as ‘borrowed scenery’ for a garden. The overall ‘genius loci’ – this term refers to the ambience or atmosphere of the garden area.

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